Markus J Wimmer

BSc Bachelor of Science

Present | Authentically | Intuitively | My specialization at the faculty for psychology and movement science: Positive Psychology. My trainings started in 2001 with the wish to investigate the causes of our life reality. In my career as an extreme sportsman my way as a natural result led me also to the health and achievement sciences. At that time my life was stamped by heavy sports accidents. In this time I ascertained that the classical scientific did not manage around my life and health situation. In 2008 my life got a change of course. Since this time I accompany people with big joy, on telephone, with live video or in my rooms.

Coaching in the Nature

A special wish of my client under free sky – 'Natural in the Nature'. For individualists also with pleasure sometimes outdoors!

In my work as a full time Emotional Thrive Coach I combine the knowledge of the science with alternative methods of consciousness development. Among the rest, an inspiring mentor was the certificate psychologist Robert T. Betz in whose team I act even today. I'd like to work with innovative people, who use my work for their changeable experience and personal education. I can use an experience of more than 700 successful energetic Coaching units. For a curious person I have a big interest in investigating of my own development. Have i woken up your interest? I am glad about your contact ...

Free First Talk

FEEDBACK Telephone Sessions "It was also your behaviour and your contact with me which has helped me a lot. By your quiet way I could go in even more to myself and find the origin of the fear and solve that. All in all I could learn a lot about myself."

"I always felt accompanied and very well lifted by you. You are an open person, with the right sense for which step is the next."

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