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PROGRESS REPORT  Self-Employed Corporate-Consultant, Diploma Engineer, Father, 38 Still one year ago I was in the crisis and in the free fall. Burnout, separation... it was a big lump, so I was in search of somebody for a concrete support to me. I found this as I get in contact with Markus. Already at the beginning I noticed, here I am exactly right. From there on I was in a continuous process upwards. I felt strengthened in myself again and in my role as a man, father and entrepreneur. The special was that we had our appointments mostly by telephone and I can recommend everybody to try out this independent of place possibility, the effect is simply brilliant. That my ex wife also worked with you was a benefit for both of us and also for our children. Today I live comply and make exactly my thing. Many thanks for it and that you were always absolutely present, beaming and open!

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