Your exclusive Life Coaching

My expert's assessment are in individual meetings. With my guidance and company you get closer to yourself and your subjects and have so the possibility, that you...

  • Transform negative stress and heavy feelings like fear, teariness and others into more joy of life.

  • Solve problems and conflicts with people at the energetic basis, like with your (ex)partner, parents or others.

  • Clear physical symptoms and pains at the fine material level.

  • Start to really like yourself and life your men's or woman's life authentically from inside.

  • Find your fulfilling flow, bring your gift in the world and unfolds your appeal successfully.

Free First Talk

Left: Impression from the Outdoor Session in the mountains.

For your individual concern or subject contact me for a free first conversation.

The Emotional Thrive Coaching is a new beginning to purification life subjects at energetic level. This shows an intensive and comprehensive process of self-investigation and self-realisation which enables the person to escape from unconsciously generated restricted states. Many people are still involved intensely with their own past. This often limits their quality of life and leads to life in lack states. The aim of this way is to become a self deliberate person who goes happily and successfully their way as a creator of life reality, in the love to their self, to their people and to life. The Coaching works on telephone, with live video or in my rooms.

FEEDBACK Coaching Sessions Your very pleasant and positive radiation lets me feel welcome - welcome to a world where you feel lifted and understood. In some life situations it is important to have a support from who has the neutral observer´s role, to find the own creative strength again, my self-love and the trust to life. I can take bigger steps than I thought in a shorter time. Markus guided me step by step to find my life flow again.