Case studies: What do heroes like you report about the active principle of inner self-leadership?


SELF-EMPLOYED CORPORATE CONSULTANT, DIPLOMA ENGINEER, FATHER, 40 "Only a year ago I was in crisis and in a free-fall, burnout, separation, moving out ... so I was looking for effective support, which I found when I met Mark. Right at the beginning, I realized that I am in the right hands and from there onwards, I was up in a continuous process, feeling strengthened in my role as man, father and entrepreneur. The special where the appointments by phone and I can only recommend anyone to use this opportunity, the effect is just awesome. Also that my former wife, with whom I have a very good friendly relationship now, has worked with you, was for both of us and our children the best. Today I live inwardly fulfilled and go my own very successfully way. Thank you for that and that you always been so honest and open!"















TOURIST AGENCY ADVISOR, MOTHER, 45 "From the beginning on, I felt great trust in Mark. In his open, authentic, sensitive manner that made it easy to speak about personal matters and we spoke of the same things. I felt that was the right place. Markus was very professional, individual and guided me with his experience - without any pre-made standard solutions. Through our session I felt for the first time that I had the power to take my life into my own hands and the first successes made me confidently trust in this path. Today I can say with gratitude and with pride that I have already "solved" a great things, for example I was able to make peace with my parents and feel happy and liberated, I feel in myself, I value myself and my body, I am grateful for my life and I enjoy the time with me! "






SELF-EMPLOYED HEALTH CONSULTANT, MOTHER, 32 "Your very pleasant and positive charisma makes me feel welcome - welcome to a world where you feel yourself lifted and understood. In many situations of life it is important to have a contact person who can help you out of the observer role. Possibilities to regain your own creative power and above all, self-love and trust in yourself, so I can take bigger steps in a shorter time that I ever thought and Markus shows me how to return to my personal fulfillment, step by step. "

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