Lead Yourself into Your Best Life

You are responsible-minded and tired of being blocked by negative emotions? I coach with the active principle of your inner self-leadership that you can finally achieve a longterm well-being in your life.


You have already tried many things, but you still do not feel right in your current life situation? But now you want to solve your personal, interpersonal or professional problems that you no longer have to worry about, how to continue in the future?

Negative Feeling, Sadness Stress Symptoms, Pressure Personal Doubt, Fears

Health Problems

Interpersonal and

Partnership Problems Separation Pain

Blocking Thoughts

Career Change

Unclear Call 

Too Less Time



Many years ago I was in a similar situation. My career as an academic, extreme athlete and self-employed led me to separations, accidents and consequent intense emotional and professional stress. Because of this reason I have since my apprenticeship in 2000 at the Faculty of Psychology and Movement Science, a strong desire to explore the principles of our reality in life. That's why I've developed a concept over the past 19 years to help you reach more spirit in your life, for better relationships and your purpose call.

More Joy Of Life

Inner Well-Being

Strong Self-Esteem

Mental Clarity

Harmonic Relationships Satisfying Partnership

New Wish Partner

Peace With Environment

Professional Fulfillment

Live Your Destiny

More Time For You 

Successful Self-Employed


Through the unique approach to inner self-leadership, I can provide 95% effectiveness with the heroes who have traveled with me this journey. This special procedure works best from your favorite chair. So that you can engage in a familiar environment with my linguistic guidance, without any other distraction, even easier and deeper. In addition, the arrival and departure falls away, so that the session can after work very well. All you need is your phone with earphones or speakers. I've been using this setting for over 7 years exclusively with over 100 heroes.

Comfortable from home

Praxis optional possible

Effectiveness in 95% of all heroes before of you

Unique approach Satisfaction Guarantee


What do heroes like you say about their results?


The Female Founder

"Healing previous coinages with Markus helped me to resolve my fears, I´m now solidified in unexpected changes and the experience that I´m the key to my fulfilling relationship has given me a whole new quality of relationship." Today, I value my abilities and acknowledge my path I have been following so far, like my professional achievements as an entrepreneur. According to your example, I meditate daily, bringing myself into my ideal condition and now have a deep trust in my life."


Sarah Eppacher, Editorial Director liebreizend.com & nordkette-jewellery.com


Your 3 Powerful Steps:

1. Step


Arrange a free orientation discussion and find out what will help you best.

2. Step

Go on your individual inner journey with professional guidance and leadership.

3. Step

Experience the changes through the effectiveness of your inner self-leadership.

So book a free orientation discussion now, in which we can check out together how my support can bring the decisive change in your life and whats your next important steps are.

Markus is known from:

Gewerblich rechtlicher Hinweis: Mein Transformations-Coaching ist keine schulmedizinische Arztbehandlung, Psychotherapie, psychologische Beratung, Lebens- und Sozialberatung oder Unternehmensberatung.